an unexpected journey from fear to fulfillment

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Freedom Lies in Being Bold -- Robert Frost

EXPOSED is a chronicle of one woman's quest to rediscover the passion that was missing in hre life.

Nancy Slomowitz's journey starts with a jolting wake-up call that exposes her safe but numb existence and forces her to ask herself-is this all there is?

You will have a front row seat as she navigates through uncharted territory on a winding path to transform her life.

You will see her struggle to overcome her fears as she breaks out of her comfort zone to face the many challenges and critical decision points along the way.

Nancy learns that keeping an open mind is the key to meaningful change and finding fulfillment. She learns to trust her intuition-and to stay open to important messages from hidden masters, including:

  • Revelations from a psychic
  • A surprising offer from a rock star
  • A random encounter at the mall
  • Life lessons from a network marketing guru

A terrific read for restless baby boomers, or lost millennials, EXPOSED lights the way for People seeking to connect with their inner selves, reinvent their lives and careers, and find true meaning in an often barren and alienating world.